Ultra-D is a proprietary 3D technology (viewing without glasses) that can be used for PCs, Picture Frames, Tablets, TVs and other displays; Revolutionary tablets (Android based and Windows based); Set Top Boxes with Browsers for connecting the web to TVs. (Non-consumer applications of the technology are enormous as they can apply to medical, military and many other industrial fields.)

The Company expects that the technology will grow explosively due to the Company's solution for 3D content. The Company has an auto-converter box that converts 2D content into 3D without glasses. A user can plug their cable, satellite, Blu-ray or DVD into the box and watch anything in 3D without glasses on the Company's 3D displays.

The 3D technology is called Ultra-D. The quality of the 3D viewing experience is so good, that the Company expects that its' 3D will be a common and ubiquitous phenomenon like the migration from black & white TV to color TV. Users will want to watch everything in 3D and not turn 3D on and off like they do for other 3D technologies.

Why are we different?

The Ultra-D solution provides a complete hardware and software solution to enhance the 3D viewing experience of high quality. It aims to provide its ecosystem partners with all the necessary technology support to bring studio quality output creating a new industry standard.


  • Exclusivity (proprietary technology)
  • User adjustable feature that allows users to control level of 3D effect
  • Small incremental cost to change 2D devices to 3D
  • Equally applies to small and large devices
  • Auto-convert box allows unlimited 3D content
  • Valuable 3D tools to video game makers and film library owners

Visit www.ultra-d.com for more information

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